New Month!

March is finally here. Spring is within sight. And I am feeling full of hope!

Today me, Mum and Eldest Kiddo went car shopping. We had “interesting” conversations with chauvinistic toss pots (no I don’t need to bring my husband to discuss this. He doesn’t drive and isn’t paying), been pressured into paying deposits for cars we haven’t even seen and the and the salesman wasnt even sure of the location of (I think not!), test driven cars which made funny noises and were full of actual MOULD (so gross) and heard all about a saleswoman’s period pains (sympathy, yes, successful bonding leading to car sale, no). Eventually we called in on a local Ford dealership – originally skipped as they only had younger cars beyond my budget – and made a good deal on a nice car! Beautiful inside and out, low mileage, 2 yr warranty, NO MOULD OR DODGY NOISES, an absolute dream to drive…. It is going for serving and cleaning and I can pick it up next week! Hooray for the Bank of Mum & Dad whose extremely long term interest free loans mean that me and my brood can be mobile again soon!

It does mean I have another week of walking to work but aside from being tired at the end of the day that is no real hardship. I have enjoyed it really. Lots more fitpoints and pokemon for a start. And it could well lead to another cracking weight loss. I might as well get as much walking in as I can before I get my new brum because – well… new toy! I will want to drive everywhere until the novelty wears off. And that might take a while….

Today we had our usual Sunday Bruch of crumpets, poached egg, blackpudding & mushrooms, and tonight we had slow cooker gammon with cabbage, carrots and broccoli. Hubby did roasties for the kids and PON Garlic Scalloped Potatoes for us. Finishing a Sunday with a 4 point roll over and a brilliant start to the month.

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