Get In!!!!!

Oh yes! 3lb! And Hubby? Well he smashed it at 4.5lb!!! First time he’s had a bigger loss than me. He’s not even being smug or anything (awesome bloke)

It has been a difficult week – in terms of stress and physical work – but we have both stuck to our WW Plan and it has paid off.

Fitbit is also cheering me on. I reached the first mini-goal that it set me. I got this pretty little image to keep me smiling.

First weight loss mini-goal achieved!

The next mini-goal is set for 10lbs time. And right now that feel soooo doable!

Today will not see me hitting my step goal sadly. I have spent the day giving old Felix a good scrub and brush up in the hope that we can part-ex him tomorrow. He’s been such a good car – I don’t want to scrap him. But while that wont record as steps it was damned hard physical work! You try valeting a 7 seater in temps hardly above freezing!

So between us we have now lost over 3 stone. Hubby has finally passed his first stone marker and I am a spit and a stride from my 2nd stone. I really feel like we can do this! Thanks to Weight Watchers, Fitbit, Pinch of Nom, and (of course) Pokemon Go!!!

In the UK? Use my invitation link below to sign up and we’ll both get a free month added to our plans.

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  1. Wow well done to the both of you! I am trying to lose weight, but I’ve kinda plateaued this last fortnight but you’ve inspired me to keep on at it! Good luck with your next weigh in x

    Makeup Muddle

    1. That’s great! Keep up with it. I’ve hit plateaus in before and know how easy it is to feel like giving it all up. Maybe you could switch plans for a bit or try a new activity to keep it interesting for you? That’s worked for me before. Xx

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