Huge milestone!

I've been on annual leave this week. I thought I might spend this week getting loads of exercise in... but cue heatwave. Not happening. Too hot! So I've mostly stayed home and chilled out with the fans on. I did walk round to a friends house (the first time since lockdown!) and have a couple... Continue Reading →

Not the best week

Positive: half pound lost this week so its still going in the right direction. But thats about it for positives. Its not been a great week. Aside from my neighbours managing to back her car into my parked car and totally trash the passenger door (oh how I wish that was the low point of... Continue Reading →

New Month!

March is finally here. Spring is within sight. And I am feeling full of hope! Today me, Mum and Eldest Kiddo went car shopping. We had "interesting" conversations with chauvinistic toss pots (no I don't need to bring my husband to discuss this. He doesn't drive and isn't paying), been pressured into paying deposits for... Continue Reading →

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