Huge milestone!

I’ve been on annual leave this week. I thought I might spend this week getting loads of exercise in… but cue heatwave. Not happening. Too hot! So I’ve mostly stayed home and chilled out with the fans on. I did walk round to a friends house (the first time since lockdown!) and have a couple of hours socially distanced gossiping and gin in her back garden before staggering home and crashing out for 2 hours! That probably doesn’t count as a workout though.

Dad came out of hospital but 48 hours later and he’s back in. He was scheduled for a transfusion on Tuesday next week but the nurse checked his blood and it was deemed essential by the hospital that he went in for it yesterday instead. He’s starting to struggle more now – emotionally. He doesn’t want to talk to me when he’s like this (which I understand 100%, when my depression kicks in I don’t want to see or talk to anyone either) so I am still relying on Stepmum keeping me informed. Which she is.

So since I have been sat on my butt all week, stressed about Dad, stressed about money & reduced work hours, stressed about my car STILL not being back, I figured I would have had a Gain or a Stay The Same. Imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scales this morning and saw a 2lb loss!

Finally under 11.5 stone

A 2lb loss which takes me to 5 stone lost since January!!!!

5 stone gone!

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