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What is our Fitness Kit? What are we using to lose weight? Nothing crazy or over the top I promise you!


We are using Weight Watchers to help us control our meal portions and track what we are eating. But we aren’t going to meetings – with work and 4 kids that just doesn’t fit our lives. Instead, we are Online Members! The WW app is great for that. If you want to give it a try you can sign up here (and if you use my code we both get money off!)

Fitness Kit #1 Track your food, exercise, and weight. WWUK helps with this!
I Love Weight Watchers Online!


I cannot give enough praise to the Pinch Of Nom girls! We have both of the cook books and almost every family meal we have is from those books. These recipes are simple enough that Hubby can cook them every day; tasty enough that our 4 kids eat it willingly (most of the time); truly slimming recipes, just see our weight loss to testify to that!

You can get the books all over, but we got ours from Amazon: PON Homestyle and PON Everyday Light. (I get nothing for referring here – just trust us that they are great!)

Finding the right food. Tasty, simple, healthy. Pinch of Nom has this in bucket loads!
Tasty Skinny Meals!


Once upon a time I went to the gym. But I don’t have the time or the cash flow for that right now. Hopefully one day I will be able to get that new gym membership and start going again, but in the meantime we are out and about with the kiddies playing Pokémon Go, and clocking up all the steps with my Fitbit Fitness Tracker. (See FitBit posts)

Fitness Kit #2: Motivation to get out and move. Fitness Tracker and my trusty Pokeball Plus for catching those Pokemon on the move.
Never leave home without these!

For fitness you can’t beat a good physical family activity, especially when it is FREE! For example, a walk to the park, a trip to the shops, anything at all that means you’re out walking counts as exercise and if it satisfies the younger generations thirst for tech as well as scratching a nostalgic itch for us oldies then its wins all round!

Download Pokemon Go. This game absolutely awesome, and if you want to link up for gift swapping or remote raiding, then this is my trainer code. Feel free to use it and friend me! 6195 0560 8588

Pokemon Go FRIENDS! Get out there with other players and make it more fun.
Got PoGo? Scan my code!


A few months into this weight loss journey I invested in some Fitbit Aria Air scales (again from Amazon, nothing for me for linking, I just like them) and they are fantastic! They talk to my fitbit app and upload my weight for me. And because Fitbit talks to Weight Watchers my weight gets transferred to their app too! Seamless! (See weigh in posts)

Fitness Kit #3: Scales. Record that wonderful weight loss!
First time I stepped onto my Fitbit Aria Air

So that’s it. That’s everything. I’ve signed up for a weight loss platform, invested in some inspirational cook books, got out moving about, and my optional extra indulgences are my Fitbit gadgets. Different programs and recipes might work for you but the principle is the same whichever you choose.

If you are on a weight loss journey too then I wish you all the best.

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