Contact us for more Pokemon Go & Weight Loss

If you want to connect over any of the things we talk about on here: Pokemon Go & Weight Loss, Pinch of Nom, Fitbit, Weight Watchers etc, you can send us a message! Chat with us about any of these, or any of the other games we play. We can even review something for you if you like. Ask us and we can discuss it.

Weight Loss

We use Weight Watchers, and Pinch of Nom. Change our minds! Or suggest something new and exciting that we haven’t tried yet.


Pokemon Go (obvs) and FitBit. What else could we try? Lockdown is killing my gym dreams.


Again… POKEMON GO! But also Pokemon on console, Minecraft, Among Us, and so much more. We’re playing on Switch, XBox & Mobile (couldn’t get hold of a PS5 – yet!) and we are reaching out on Twitch to all you gamers.

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