Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become something of an obsession. I might be a little bit hooked on games.


We all are gamers in this house. Playing a game that all 6 of us can play together as a family, in the great outdoors, all while walking about in the fresh air? It’s a no-brainer! Plus I’ve been nuts for Pokemon since Indigo League hit our TV screens in the 90s.

Pokemon Go & Weight Loss

So you will see the old Fitbit step count increase on the weekends. That’s when I drag the Hubby and Spogs out to various parks and walks. Forever on the search of pokemon and gym battles.

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A lot of my post on here are PoGo related posts. Talking about food all the time makes me hungry which is not good on a die. If you like that sort of thing check out the posts here.

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I have started a YouTube Channel which is still a bit slow getting off the ground as I learn my way around video editing and coming to terms with the idea of voice-overs, and a TikTok account which is doing much better because that is mostly “Look at my awesome catch / egg hatch!” and all of us PoGo players LOOOOOVE that kind of thing!

The links for these are at the top and bottom of the pages so have a little look-see, like a a few things maybe, and why not drop me some of your links to follow back. It’s all about community after all and I am very happy to support any of you with your social media presence too.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, go and download the game and join us. It is free! Add me as a friend, get out and about walking and catching some Pokemon. It doesn’t even feel like exercise!

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