Time flies

I’ve been slacking off on the blog. Sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes, you know?

First off a catch up on weight:

August 2020

I dropped another 2lb before my birthday and gained one on my birthday week. First gain. But I fully expected it and don’t mind at all! Especially since it came off with 2 extra this week (yep… 3lb off this week!)

Lockdown birthdays aren’t great. Especially when you’re at work for most of it. 41 isn’t great. But I’m having to accept being middleaged. I suppose. I still refuse to grow up though!

First selfie at 41

Dad is coping amazingly well with his chemo. Two rounds under his belt now. He looks and sounds so much better. In fact… he’s getting married! After 30+ years with Stepmum he is finally tying the knot. They say its more a financial thing than a romantic one but still… its nice! But I won’t be able to go. They are wanting to do the deed as quickly as possible all things considered and between Covid-19 and his state of health there is no way I can attend. Neither will Stepbrother. Real emotional roller coaster. But we will be with them in spirit.

Meantime 3 of the kids are back to school now and the eldest goes back tomorrow. We’re still pokemoning (Mega Evolutions!!!) And the diet continues. Only a little over a stone to go!

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