Another kick from 2020

Dad started Chemo this week. It went as well as it could. Hate not being able to visit or even video chat. But getting daily updates from stepmum which is better than no news at all.

I still haven’t got my own car back. It could be another week yet.

To add to my misery we have all had our hours cut at work too. Thanks Covid! I can’t support us all on my new reduced pay and as there is no way of predicting how long this situation will last I may have to look for a new job. And there is almost nothing out there with fierce competition for what little there is.

Joy of joys.

But let’s look for the little positives the week has brought. A lovely 2 1/2 lb loss that I totally wasn’t expecting after the last couple of slow weeks.

And today is Magikarp Community Day – something we in the Chonky Household thought would never happen. So its all gone a bit Pokemon Go mad here. Still only playing from home but the kids have had a good haul of shiny Magikarp so they are happy.

I have a weeks annual leave starting on Monday so here’s hoping I can pull some good news out of the bag while I have some time on my hands.

Anyone need an ecommerce girl on their team?

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