A loss is a loss

Just 1/4 pound down this week. That is a victory. This week has been so hard and I have desperately wanted to bury myself in food.

Dad is still in hospital. His chemotherapy should be starting in the next couple of weeks – they are running some tests today to see which track they can take (he had a TIA a few years ago and apparently that needs to be taken into consideration). I haven’t been able to video chat or messenger with him at all, but my stepmum has kept me in the loop.

Meantime Mum is in an area that has gone back into Covid-19 Lockdown. She’s not remotely bothered but I can’t help but worry about her too.

On a lighter note my youngest turned 6 on Monday. So there was a Fish & Chip supper and birthday cake to work into my points allowance. And yesterday my car was collected to get mended and the courtesy car was delivered. Its tiny! But I’ll get used to it.

As far as the diet is concerned I’m just relieved that I haven’t gained. I have managed to restrain myself from binge eating and scraped a loss despite wanting to hide away from the world in a bread and chocolate moutain.

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