So this happened today

We got word over the weekend that one of the kids I was giving a lift to school - prior to the 3rd tier announcement because I stopped then - may have covid. So we stopped going anywhere while we waiting to see what happened. This morning we were told that he DOES have covid.... Continue Reading →

A loss is a loss

Just 1/4 pound down this week. That is a victory. This week has been so hard and I have desperately wanted to bury myself in food. Dad is still in hospital. His chemotherapy should be starting in the next couple of weeks - they are running some tests today to see which track they can... Continue Reading →

Weigh in day!

I've dropped 2.25lb this week (recording it as 2), pleased with that as my stress levels have been through the roof. I have successfully avoided the stress eating though and that is a major win. I though Aunt Flo paying a visit might have jacked the pounds up but apparently not this month. Another win!... Continue Reading →

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