So this happened today

We got word over the weekend that one of the kids I was giving a lift to school – prior to the 3rd tier announcement because I stopped then – may have covid. So we stopped going anywhere while we waiting to see what happened. This morning we were told that he DOES have covid. Spoke to the school (where kiddo 1 goes along with said friend) and they said to keep kiddo 1 home till after half term.

Then I get a call from the T&T people who said the same. No brianer, the kid stays home. I asked about me since I had obviously shared a car with them and I was due at work tomorrow. They said I would get a call too about me. Each person has their own ref and their own call.

And sure enough I got the call and I also have to isolate until Oct 30th.

The message i didn’t want

The rest of the fam are ok to carry on going to school etc. But I have chosen not to let them do swimming or scouts just in case. School is well set up to prevent any spread, and since me and kiddo 1 are (hopefully) fine it will stay that way unless one of us shows symptoms.

Unfortunately I am supposed to be launching the Christmas Orders for work from tomorrow. The bosses are unsure if my working from home on that will work for them. Hopefully I’ll get the go ahead because 1) its vital for our business, and 2) it might be the one thing that stops me losing my mind for the next 12 days.

Remember everyone….. Hands, Face, Space! Even if you would survive, the impact on others around you could be massive!

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