New Month!

March is finally here. Spring is within sight. And I am feeling full of hope! Today me, Mum and Eldest Kiddo went car shopping. We had "interesting" conversations with chauvinistic toss pots (no I don't need to bring my husband to discuss this. He doesn't drive and isn't paying), been pressured into paying deposits for... Continue Reading →

Get In!!!!!

Oh yes! 3lb! And Hubby? Well he smashed it at 4.5lb!!! First time he's had a bigger loss than me. He's not even being smug or anything (awesome bloke) It has been a difficult week - in terms of stress and physical work - but we have both stuck to our WW Plan and it... Continue Reading →

Survived the week!

In the last 5 days I have walked over 64.5 thousand steps (making it 82k+ steps in a week), in rain, sleet and hail, up stupidly steep hills (fitbit recorded 361 floors climbed today!!!) and crammed 40hrs of a very stressful work week in too. I am so tried I could cry! Tomorrow is weigh... Continue Reading →

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