Survived the week!

In the last 5 days I have walked over 64.5 thousand steps (making it 82k+ steps in a week), in rain, sleet and hail, up stupidly steep hills (fitbit recorded 361 floors climbed today!!!) and crammed 40hrs of a very stressful work week in too. I am so tried I could cry!

Tomorrow is weigh in day again. I want to see a loss! My fellow Weight Watchers at work (yes there are a few of us) have warned me that I might have put down some muscle with all the walking so not to be upset if it is only a small loss or no loss at all. I will take that into consideration! One even worried that I might not have used enough points. Especially since I have earned 211 fitpoints this week (the target is only 22) and not used any of them. In fact I have had a small roll over every day.

Well… if my weight hasn’t changed… I can’t say I wont be disappointed because I will, but I need to remember that this week I have dropped a clothing size and certainly improved my fitness. And that is a win no matter what the scales say.

But I still want that loss!

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