Happy Pokemon Day!

It should be an international holiday! Pokemon Trainers around the world out hunting and training and battling! Unfortunately I am 40 years old and have a job to go to so it’s no holiday for me…. I am enjoying my event pokemon though – the few I have managed to pick up on the Work Walk. I’m hoping the 6 of us can do some serious hunting and battling this weekend to make up for it. I NEED a second armored Mewtwo and some clone pokemon! Stripy Clone Charazard… I choose you!

But back in the real world the weight loss journey continues. I have had another good day of 12k+ steps, a cracking new PON recipe care of the lovely hubby, and a points roll over. The Evil Hill felt less evil today and even though I had the day from hell at work I have survived to live another day. It’s just a shame I have to do it all again tomorrow. (Counting down the minutes till the weekend!)

Meantime I am resting my aching legs a and watching the new movie Mewtwo Strikes Back on Netflix. Good times!

Add me on Pokemon Go: 6195 0560 8588

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