Car or walking boots…

I’ve joked for a long time that working was bad for my health since I rarely got much over 3000 steps on a work day. Seems like its not work that’s the problem… it’s the car!

10,000 more steps each day that I have walked for work. And each day has been easier than the last (even with the awful weather).

I’m not a life long convert though. A car is essential for us – we live so far from family (1-3 hours away!) and the kiddos have activities that require driving to like scout camps etc. In fact I am car shopping with Mum this weekend. But I have to admit that I am enjoying walking for work. Apart from one particular hill that is still killing me! I am not feeling a massive rush to get a replacement. So long as we are sorted out for trips away we already have booked and paid for.

I am considering not totally knocking walking on the head once I do get another car. Perhaps during school holidays when I don’t having the school drop off as an excuse to be lazy. Or perhaps when my weight loss slows down and I need a boost!

I would love to be able to say “so what if I get another car… I’ll just keep on walking to work” but I know that’s a lie.

I guess we will see. Will my factory setting of “lazy mare” be too ingrained to ignore??

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