He made them!

I honestly thought Hubby was going to skip these. And I haven’t dared to step foot in the kitchen to witness the aftermath (I’ll reserve that particular joy for the morning…) but here they are! Banana Batter Pancakes a la Weight Watchers! Hubby even went to town to buy the Agar syrup and blueberries to go on top.

And the verdict? Actually they are pretty nice! He wasn’t sure if he liked them or not and muttered something about banana and scrambled egg but I think that was harsh. Nothing compares to actual real pancakes, true, but when you don’t want to miss out on pancakes but still want to stick to your WW smart points then you can’t beat these (apart from with the whisk boom-boom-tsh)

Happy pancake day folks. I have points remaining for a couple of chocs so I’m off to enjoy them.

Find the recipe at https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/recipes

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