Sloppy Dogs!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I don’t know where the time went. Work was crazy. Home was crazy. Before I knew it I was zonked out and didn’t even get the time or energy for a quick blog post.

Today wasn’t much better but at least I wasn’t having to make 3 trips out to the scout hut in a single night… But enough about my busy-but-dull Monday. Here’s the food!

Tonight Hubby made PONs Sloppy Dogs. A dish the kiddos picked out. He subbed the pork mince for beef but that didn’t affect the final WW Points count. He gave kiddos regular white sub rolls and stuck to the gluten free option for us. I honestly don’t know if that changes the points value but the gluten free rolls held together better than the normal rolls – which sucked up the sauce and fell apart. So if you try this meal then go gluten free or wear your Sloppy Dog!

Looooovely sloppy dogs!

Kid rating: 4/4 clean plates and requests for seconds! I think we will be having this one again!

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