Weigh In 13th Feb 2021

Weigh in for the week before a week of excess.... I already know net week will be a gain! So this week needed to be good. Especially since last week was a Stay The Same! How the week went My eldest kiddo has his birthday next month so I have been asking him what presents... Continue Reading →

New Start for a New Year

2020 is behind us, and for better or for worse 2021 is here. It's a New Start! As we approach the first anniversary of our Weight Loss Journey it's time to look back and see what has actually been achieved, and set the goals for this new year. 2020 in a nutshell We started back... Continue Reading →

Not sure how I swung this…

It's been a bit of a cake fest this week. I might have gone a little bonkers with the traybakes for Fathers Day last weekend. We've had dessert 6 days of the last 7. So I have been a little twitchy about getting on the scales this morning. I've lost 1.2lb! In fairness I have... Continue Reading →

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