Not sure how I swung this…

It’s been a bit of a cake fest this week. I might have gone a little bonkers with the traybakes for Fathers Day last weekend. We’ve had dessert 6 days of the last 7. So I have been a little twitchy about getting on the scales this morning.

I’ve lost 1.2lb!

In fairness I have tracked and stayed within my weeklies even if I did miss out on 1 Blue Dot day when my points were WELL OVER my dailies. It balanced out by the end of the week.

But that is enough partying with food and drink for now. A week of cake and two prev weeks of gin and my weight loss has slowed down. I want it sped back up!

I am chasing that next stone bracket now. I’m 12st 1lb today and I want to be 11st something by this time next week.

Oh and I might have to buy some size 14 trousers for work since my new 16s (only a few weeks since I bought them) are already hanging!

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