My first STS

For the first time since I started this weight loss journey at the end of Jan I have recorded a Stay The Same this week. Not bad considering… but I needed to look back over the week at what was different.

And the answer is simple.


I haven’t had a drink since I started my diet. 1) I make poor food choices when drunk! 2) booze slows your metabolism. But this last two weeks I have demolished a full bottle of Unicorn Tears. Not just gin but a syrupy gin liqueur. And boom…. no weight loss.

So at least I know what the issue is.

Tomorrow will be a fat day too. Fathers Day. Since he normally does the cooking it’s only fair that he is releaved of that chore. But I’m working and won’t be back home in time to start cooking a roast before the kiddos bedtime. So I am bringing roast chicken and other tasty treats home from the deli at work. Nothing is WW friendly – but it is all delicious!

Next week may well be a STS or even a dreaded gain – but I will know why and work hard to make it a one off.

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