Another 2 1/2 lb off!

Never ever in my whole life if yo-yo dieting have I ever lost weight this well and so consistently!

I’ve lost 4 stone 2.8 lb since the end of Jan this year. I’m not hungry. I’m not eating the same boring bland meals every day. I’m not miserable or craving junk every 5 minutes. It’s amazing!

Down from 16st 5lb on Jan 28th 2020


Weight Watchers Blue Plan is working brilliantly for me. Hubby has delved into both Pinch Of Nom books and is cooking up amazing healthy meals that taste great. And of course Pokemon Go is giving me that incentive to get out and walk with my FitBit. On top of that I am drinking so much water! Hubby keeps saying to me and the kids “you’re not hungry, you’re thirsty. Have a drink instead of a snack.” And you know what? He’s right!

You’re not hungry. You’re thirsty. Have a drink, avoid a snack.

You’re not hungry. You’re bored. Find something interesting to do, avoid a snack.

Ok, if you are hungry have some fruit and a drink. Avoid the junk!

So we are going through a crazy amount of fruit between the 6 of us. It’s a good job apples actually do grow on trees! But despite the lockdown and everything else we’re all happy, healthy and relatively well balanced because we are drinking water, keeping occupied, and not stuffing our faces with crap. We have a weekend treat – which I point and track, and keep within the Weeklies – so we don’t miss the tasty treats too much and fall off the wagon.

It seems to be working for us!

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