4 stone!!!

Can you believe it?!? I have shifted 4 whole stone! And I am so happy about it – I keep telling people, as though they care during a pandemic lockdown 😅 But I am proud of that loss so I’m shouting about it.

This weeks weigh in on Weight Watchers

Hubby is still shy of the scales but those PON dinners he is cooking for us are making their mark and he certainly looks slimmer. His t-shirts are fitting better and he had to dig out his belt to keep his trousers up!

I think my metabolism must be improving because these losses are despite takeaways and cakes for birthdays, a mammoth sized sausage butty courtesy of my boss on a “good mood” day, and my first weekend of gin drinking throughout lockdown last week. Not that I plan on taking that for granted or using it as an excuse to pig out. But it’s simply awesome that I still recorded a loss after all that.

I have 1.5 stone to go to reach my goal. It feels so reachable right now!

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