Almost at the end of another month

Theres only a week of May left. In just over a weeks time we will be celebrating the 3rd of my kids birthdays in lockdown. Things are very strange. Hubby is miserable. Kids have adapted well, thankfully. And I’m carrying on the same as always (key worker…. aside from wearing PPE nothing has changed there).

So sexy….

Hubby has stopped weighing in and isn’t tracking anymore. It’s a shame and I hope he will feel more like doing this once the madness is over. He is still cooking delicious healthy meals from PON though so I don’t think he is doing too much to undo his hard work. But the stress of having the kids home 24/7 and needing not just all his attention while I go to work but also needing support with their homeschooling is a lot to deal with. The diet went out the window. One less thing to stress about. I understand.

My weight loss is continuing though. I am averaging 2lb a week and with that in mind I should hit a 4 stone loss in the next couple of weeks. It’s incredible! And I swear I owe most of it to Hubby and his PON cookbooks. At the end of Jan my size 20 work trousers were snug. Now my 16s are getting slack!

Loving that Pokemon Go has changed things up to help the players carry on playing through this time. I have had so much fun with the Throwback Timed Challenges and can’t wait for the final installment next week. Slightly gutted that insence day and community day both fall on Sundays as I am having to work Sundays right now but hey ho… such is life sometimes.

I am contemplating another dye job on my hair in the next week or so. I might time it to coincide with my 4 stone loss milestone and share a new photo (sans PPE) and have a proper look at how far I’ve come!

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