Still here!

You must think that I have knocked this whole weight loss journey on the head by now. It’s been a while since I posted. But that’s only because I’ve been so busy. I’m still working – finally got that website live all be it not actually finished but covid-19 means we need it running to get food out to people. Suddenly I’m a key worker. Not on the same level as our awesome NHS but doing my bit.

The weight loss journey continues! This weekend will result in a gain on my next weigh in because: EASTER and KIDDO 3’s 8th BIRTHDAY! But right now I can say that I have hit a 3 stone loss! Only 2.5 stone to go.

Here’s last month’s completed WI record

March weigh ins

The difference it’s made

Before and after (so far)
3 stone down. 2.5 stone to go.

Playing pokemon has had to take a back seat. There is only so much that can be done during the Crisis. I can’t go out with the kids to play. We tried that a couple of weeks ago – staying in the car to play so we could not catch or spread anything – but got sent home by the police because it was “not an essential journey”. Fair enough and we wont do it again, but it sucks. There are gyms and stops at work though so I’m getting what I can om my breaks and sharing gifts with people who are still trying to play from their homes.

Posts will probably be few and far between for a while but I am not giving up. Hope you and yours and keeping safe and well!

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