Saturdays weigh in – better late than never

It was a good weigh in. Despite the Fitbit Aria Scales failing after just 48 hours (replacement on the way) I did hop on the old scales and logged a loss.

The weekend was busy – even though we cannot venture out into the world properly. Eldest turned 12 on Saturday. Everything was cancelled but we still had fun. We drove out to take on some Pokemon Raids in the car and ALL caught the Cabalion. Definitely a good result. Sunday was Mothers Day so I had a little pamper and recoloured my hair.

Cake was consumed all weekend! I counted my points and while I lost my Blue Dot for both days I am still comfortable in my weeklies.

As for the rest of life…. well lockdown seems imminent. But am still working. The website could be running by lunchtime tomorrow and the refrigerated vans arrived today. I spent all of today prepping the site and taking telephone orders so people could eat. I hate being away from the kids and not being there to support Hubby but I’m glad I am making a difference – helping keep the company solvent, and the isolated with food in their bellies. It is by no means as important as what the medical staff – and so many others – are doing but it’s something. At least I’m not just doing nothing when I CAN do something. I know most people aren’t so lucky as to be able to feel they can make a difference. No matter how small or localised.

Hubby had his first day homeschooling the kids and they all lived to tell the tale so that is a win. He feels like not much was achived but I don’t agree. He is looking after our whole family virtually single handed and that is amazing. Right now anything is still something, and they will remember that Daddy was with them every step of the way, never giving up on them when life was scary. And he’ll get into the swing of homeschooling soon enough. I have total faith in the man. I couldn’t leave our kids with him otherwise.

Life seems very strange right now but we are muddling on. I hope we will be as optimistic 12 weeks down the line! And I hope that anyone reading this is coping too. Isolation, lockdown, uncertainty… that’s scary enough without thinking about the virus.

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