New month, new stone bracket!

I am now officially under 12 stone!

Finally under 12st!

I am loving this slimmer figure. I have size 14 trousers for work and size 14 jeans for home! Still a 16 top but you know… boobs! I am looking at my figure in the mirror more and liking what I see. Even hubby and kids are impressed, and the girls at work say I’ve done really well. It’s a massive ego boost.

This week we have our anniversary (19 years together, 13 years married) so we will be having a nice slap up takeaway – even if the pubs and restaurants are open we aren’t going out socially and don’t have a sitter for the kids even if we did feel comfortable going out. I’ve bagged a few days off work (checking social media for them but that’s all) and I’m looking forward to a few chilled days gaming with the fam. Chances are my step rate will decrease and the takeaway will probably take its toll but I know that I will be back on track fast.

Typical to Sod’s Law our Internet broke again last night – the the ISP assure us it will be back before the end of the day today (yeah, right, cos they always tell the truth when they knacker up our service…. 🤬) But if we do get back online before the and of my holiday we will be playing Minecraft Dungeons, Pokemon Sword and Sheild (inc the new DLC on Sword) and revisiting Let’s Go Pikachu with the Pokeball Plus I happen to know I am getting as an anniversary present. We can play these games off line… but online means we can play together with family and friends too. Much better!

Meantime Hubby and I are churning though our mobile data as hotspots for the kids, and I’m getting hungry for lunch. Have a great week folks, I’ll catch you later!

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