Another 1/2 st milestone!

It’s only been a small loss this week, just half a pound. But I am happy with that! For one; it was our Anniversary this week and I took a couple of days off work to spend with Hubby. Lots of food, significantly fewer steps. So I was actually expecting a gain. And for two; that half pound loss has taken me to a total of 4 1/2 stone loss!!!

4 1/2 stone loss!

It’s been a fun Pokemon week for me. My anniversary present was a Pokeball Plus! So that encouraged me to revisit Lets Go Pikachu and claim my Mew as well as hooking it up to Pokemon Go.

Anniversary Present 🎁

I hadn’t realised just how much fun this little gadget was going to be! I am hooked! Couple that with Pokemon Go’s 4th anniversary celebration and I am one happy little trainer. Never more than when Jessie and James rocked up and I caught a shiny shadow koffing 🥰

Shiny Shadow Koffing

Although I have failed spectacularly on the 50 Excellent Throws challenge 😆

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