Little over a pound

So I’ve shifted another pound and a bit. Happy! All progress in the right direction is good!

1.4lb loss this week.

I’m happy with my loss. But… My mood is pretty low at the moment. Various things are bringing me down that I’m not going to dwell on here. I’m just glad that the kids are healthy and happy, and that I have my Hubby to support me when I’m down. Where would I be without them?

So I’m trying to focus more on the good things and the things I can keep some control over. Like this weight loss journey.

Positive! Weight loss this year!

I can’t quite get over how far I’ve come. My original goal was to get to around 11 stone, 11 stone 7lb. A size 14. Well… I’m a size 14 now and only a hairs breadth away from 11st 7lb. I have pushed my goal back to 10st (or a shade under) which will put me at better BMI and in theory be healthier.

An extra 1.5 st would have sounded scary when I started. Now it feels very very reachable.

I just need to keep focused and not let my current state of mind destroy everything I’ve achieved to this point.

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