Chipotle Turkey Meatballs

Our youngest two don’t like spicy food. And it breaks my heart! Perhaps they will grow to like it – like the older two have. But their dislike for spices have earned this dish an unwarranted 2/4 clean plate kiddo rating.

However if you DO like spicy food then this is awesome! Me and Hubby both ran it through the WW app to check the points. Only 8 per serving and that was only the pasta, meat and a fraction of the stock that needed pointing. If we had used turkey breast mince instead if turkey leg it would have been even less (because with chicken and turkey the breast meat is free but the darker leg meat is points on Weight Watchers Blue Plan).

Spicy Meatball!

Personally I would love to have this on the regular menu but I think it will have to be reserved for camps and sleepovers when the littlies are elsewhere. I could easily be adapted though – swap the spice for some Italian Herbs and bingo… all round winner!

Not much else to report. Very little pokemon hunting this week – way too busy at work and I also had to do a mad post dinner last minute trip to the supermarket for over priced World Book Day costumes as Hubby forgot all about it when he had all day (actually two weeks) to shop at this leisure….. but hey ho it’s done now. I have plenty of points to spare and some snacks I have had waiting for just this kind of situation. Nom!

Find the meatball recipe at:

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