Team work makes the dream work!

I have had an exceptionally busy day today. A long day. And thanks to my wonderful Hubby – my team mate in this weight loss journey as well as in life in general – I have been able to stay on track!

In addition to yet another long and stressful day at work, tonight was the first parents evening at Eldest Kiddos school. He’s at the local grammar school and they do parents evening very differently to the primary school he went to and the other kiddos still attend. It stretched from 5:30 to 7:30. Thankfully all reports were glowing! But we were starving hungry when we got out. Now… if I had to then go and prep and cook a meal I wouldn’t be bothering! I’d be straight down to the local burger or pizza establishment and stuffing my face with something tasty and downright unhealthy. But because Hubby is a total legend we went home to a healthy, tasty, low point home cooked meal.

Hubby had planned on the PON pasties but misjudged the cooking times so went off-book and cooked from scratch. We had grilled chicken breast with root veg mash and braised cabbage. Just 4 SP on Blue!!!!! I really should have taken a photo but I was so hungry I just dived right in.

Just goes to show! Working together, thinking about what each other needs and how to help – especially on the hard days – makes this journey so much easier.

I even had points left over for a de-stressing treat. All I need now is a good sleep and I’ll be ready to face tomorrows dramas!

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