Pasty – no pastry!

Ever overly critical of his own work, Hubby didn’t think these were worth the effort he put in to making them. However…. 4/4 kiddos with clean plates suggests they were in fact pretty good! I certainly enjoyed mine! The kids said it was like stew you can pick up! Stew in a tortilla! Genius! So in think it’s safe to say they like them!

PON Pasty – just 6 smart points on Weight Watchers Blue Plan

We had ours with sweet potato wedges – which were another 6 points so watch out for that! Hubby thought they would be fewer than that. But we both have points left over and it’s the end of the week so we also have the Weeklies to dip into of we want. I am debating in my head if I want to or not…. but I am feeling bloated so with weigh in tomorrow I might stave off this week and keep my fingers crossed for a loss.

Tomorrow is also NEW CAR DAY so I am rather excited about that. And a little nervous in case I have forgotten to do or arrange something I should have which will stop up driving away in our shiny new motor. The kids are eagerly anticipating a good long drive to find some Pokemon and I am itching to get some raids in.

I’ll be back in the morning with our weigh ins!

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