Hubby scored a mega loss!

It’s a good weigh in day! I am happy with a 2lb loss which takes me to a 2 stone total loss. HUBBY…. Well he has only gone and lost 5.5lb this week!!! Another week like that and he will catch me up! Two weeks will see him over take me! So proud of him because he has not found the changes easy.

Great start to the month

Meantime… I have my new Brum parked outside! I was so nervous sorting out the final paperwork and transaction but Felix is now in the capable hands of a garage who can hopefully fix and rehome him (I am telling myself he wont be scrapped! Please don’t burst my bubble!) And Polly has joined the family. The kids love her, the cat-who-goes-outside has had a good snoop and seems to approve (cat-who-wont-go-outside has peered through the door but not shown any interest), and Hubby has given his approval with an “aye, seems alreet” (which is Yorkshire for “Awesome!”)

Kids are now itching to go for a proper drive so tech is charging and we will head out for some pokemon shortly!

Happy Saturday Folks!

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