Not really AWOL

So no new post since Weigh In… no I haven’t jacked the weight loss journey in (or gone into self isolation because someone two doors down coughed). Just crazy busy! Last two evenings have been spent at school for parents evenings, and work has been beyond crazy. The ol’ coronavirus has everyone in a tizzy and it’s all just mental! Not least because it’s given an extra kick up the bum to our companies its-gonna-happen-one-day-honest website and online sales (aka the job I was hired to do).

Hubby has been feeding us from PON. The last two days we have revisited the Tartiflette and the Pizza Chicken (love those meals!) and we have stayed comfortably within our points. We are on track for a good week!

I am spending any free time I have logging into the younger 3 kiddos pokemon accounts (Eldest is the only one old enough to have his own phone right now) so I can stock them up ready for the weekend. Hoping the continued rampage of corvid-19 doesn’t halt play here like it has in other parts of the world. I doubt the younger ones will understand “we can’t go out and play in case you catch thus bug” because that’s not our normal line. We’re “wrap up warm and get some exercise if you wanna be healthy” types. Normally.

Rant Alert

Honestly… this coronavirus isn’t worrying me as a mum. From what I’m hearing fit, healthy kids and adults have little to fear. The elderly, those with other existing conditions, yes. I certainly wont want my 70+ yr old cancer survivor mum to come into contact with it – strong and stubborn as she is I still worry about her. I’m certainly not stocking up on (hording!!!) toilet rolls and hand sanitiser! I carry a small bottle in my work jacket pocket but that’s because we handle food and its sensible to do that always. But really… going crazy isn’t helping anyone .

Anyway. That’s my stance on it. Agree or disagree that is up to you and I wont judge you either way. Unless you are that punter with two trolley loads of toilet roll and soap. Because you are barking mad!

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