A legendary for a mythical….

So I’m not the only one at work who plays pokemon. Steadily I am finding or being found by work mates who also play… today one lad caught me on my break “You’re AsocialMermaid! I wondered who that was! You’re like some mythical being! Can I give you my friend code??” Naturally the answer is “hell yes!” I would have said yes even if he hadn’t called me a “mytical being” but it certainly didn’t hurt!

There are advantages to have work mates who play. A few of them had Thundurus turn up in their recently caught list while we were on shift. “What’s this?” I thought “have they found a raid and I missed it?” So I messaged a “Well Jeal” to one of them. And he said no… not a raid… just league battles with a premium pass. Well! I have plenty of those!!! So HA! ONE THUNDURUS ADDED TO MY DEX!

Naturally I have passed this knowledge onto the rest of the fam and those who are a high enough level are giving it a crack.

On the weight loss front: Dirty Rice for tea. Yummy! Hubby forgot to buy 5% mince beef while he was out though so the points were bumped up by the local shops full fat mince. I still have a small roll over though so I’m not too worried. And there are still 2 more days before weigh in as well.

Oh and I got the new cars internal wifi working so this weekend we can pokemon with the kids come rain or shine! Happy Days!

Add me on Pokemon Go: 6195 0560 8588

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