Another storm

Beyond tired of storms! Already over not having my car! And Instagram has decided not to let me post any more. Apparently posting pictures of food and pokemon is dodgy. Go figure…

Back to work today. 2.5+km walk each way to work. In the dark, cold, wet wind. Not fun. There are advantages… 13000+ steps clocked. 50+ pokemon caught and a quick solo raid too. But in this weather I would rather drive. Hot on the heels of storms Ciara and Dennis we have storm Ellen. I’m on mobile data because our wifi keeps dropping out and I feel a major sulk coming on.

Focus! I need focus!

Hubby cooked PONs Tartiflette again today. It’s so good! It feels like you’re eating something naughty and stodgy – perfect given the weather – but on WW Blue Plan it is only 9sp. With all the fitpoints I have earned this week (target 22, achieved 99!), and the weeklies I have saved/rolled over (I have over 50) I feel highly entitled to some of my Valentines chocolates. 3 of them! So there!

It’s weigh in day tomorrow. I am hoping that with all the walking I have done, staying within my points and getting that coveted 7 day “blue dot” streak that it will be a good weigh in. Hubby has been good all week to (apart from one eat-first-count-later crisps mishap today) so fingers crossed for us both please!

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