How have I not eaten all the things?!

Got the car back from it’s service and MOT (hefty £900+ bill), went shopping, car died.

No one can work out what is wrong with Felix. He is an old beast with many gremlins but he is the only car we have and a replacement is just beyond our budget right now (family of 6 with one income). Mechanic from our garage came out to us and cannot figure Felix out. AA came to us and they can’t figure him out either. So back to the garage he’s gone. Meantime Eldest and I have shopping to carry home including 8kg of cat food. Lucky it’s only a short walk – just 2 streets. Sadly they are mega steap hills. We made it though.

Normally this would be my que for a mega munch. EAT. ALL. THE. THINGS! Stress eating is definitely one of my issues. But no, I am being good. Especially as sitting in the car awaiting recovery means I haven’t come close to my step target.

Hubby has offered to cook as it was already past tea time for the kids when we made it home and me and kiddo1 are frozen to the bone. I still havent taken my coat off!

Looks like I’ll be walking to work tomorrow. It’s an hour each way so I will certainly hit 10k steps. Gawd… it’s gonna a be so cold and wet! Do you earn extra fitpoints for walking in low temps???

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