PON Cheeseburger Pizza

To hell with the rain! To hell with this cold! I am on holiday from work AND I WILL WALK AND CATCH POKEMON! A 3rd day of 10k steps is within my grasp – less than 400 steps to go and I will nail that shortly after posting this. We took on another Tornadus after doing dull grown up stuff (grocery shopping, new school shoes for kiddo2 and kiddo3). Hubby got his, but Littlest didn’t. Eldest got his second Tornadus has offered to trade… 🥰 He’s a good lad to his younger siblings. I managed to walk with my Valentines woobat and evolve that too. Reasonable pokemon day. Even if it did rain on us! Felix is still in the garage.

Food! Me and Kiddo2 made the PON Cheeseburger Pizzas. 6 of them! One each! They are quick and easy to make but when you can only cook 2 at a time it takes a while longer than you expect! 11 points each and 4/4 kids with clean plates! Kiddo2 informs me it’s going on his “list” of what we have to have again! I might change the toppings on mine next time. I love chicken & mushroom and would also save myself 3 points if I made that switch! When they are individual like that you can tailor them anyway you like!

Hubby however… he was dismayed at the small portion (usually has a 12″ from the pizza man) and low points value. He has so many more points than me!! He followed up with cracker breads and peanut butter AND cereal. Then noticed he hadn’t actually recorded his pizza on the WW app so instead of being well under his points… he was over by 3! Mind you he has about a million weeklies so it wont do any harm.

Hoping I get the car back tomorrow. As much as I have loved the excuse to get the fam walking with me I have to work on Friday and don’t fancy a cold wet walk to work. That office is freezing and I simply wont warm up!

Find Cheeseburger Pizza recipe here: https://pinchofnom.com/

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