Tired of the weather…

The best bit about today was a visit from my Mum! We haven’t had a good old natter since Christmas! And she has been missing the Kiddos because they were at school when she popped by earlier this year. Mum lives more than an hour away so with work etc we don’t see as much of each other as we’d like.

Normally we’d all head out in my car and have a wee adventure but Felix is still in the garage and we wont all fit in Mum’s little Bluebell (her car is a girl it would seem). So we went for a walk to town so the kids could exchange their library books, trying to dodge the rain. We failed at dodging the rain. And now… despite all my best “wrap up warm and eat oranges” activities I have a sniffle and sneezes. BOO!

Me and the Eldest made quesadilla from PON for tea, with potato wedges. 12 sp in total. I can’t say that I loved them. That said 4/4 kiddos with clean plates. 2&3 drowned theirs in BBQ sauce though. And Littlest (aka fussy eater who lives off fresh air 99% of the time) scoffed the lot and loved them. Go figure that one out… We might try again but with a more interesting filling than mixed beans…

Off to bed to sleep off this sniffle before it becomes a cold. Reminding myself that today was good really: saw Mum, hit 10k steps, got a roll over on my points AND got a couple of my Valentines chocs as well.

Night night!

Quesadillas: https://pinchofnom.com/

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