10,000 steps!

Oh to think I used to hit that 10k step target BEFORE work when I had access to the gym. I miss that so much!

Today the rain stopped! (Although we are due a 3rd storm before the end of the week but I’ll worry about that later.) After dropping poor ol’ Felix The Car down at the garage for his MOT, me and the eldest kiddo wandered off into town for a top-up shop. We went the long way to hit as many pokestops as possible. He was hunting Grunts. Then we both battled – and battered – Giovanni for a shadow Raikou. Both feeling pretty pleased with ourselves we took in a raid and caught plenty of Valentine’s event pokemon before walking back home with our shopping along the rivers flood defenses. The river was well down (it’s tidal with the seaside being only 15 mins down the road) but there was a ton of debris on the footpath from where is had come up to the defenses but thankfully not made it through. It stank! But better than the quay flooding again!

By the time we got home we’d been out and walking for 3 hours! I hit my 10,000 step target for the first time in ages!

Hubby made us omelettes for lunch (apart from Littlest Diva who demanded a butty instead) and I cooked the PON Chicken with Orange again – this time with the assistance of 2nd Kiddo.

Search PON for Chicken with Orange: https://pinchofnom.com/

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