Better behaved Sunday

I am giving the Hubby a week off cooking while I’m on holiday from work. Today I did the Sunday Dinner for a grand total of 12sp each! That means that even with our cooked breakfast I’m only 2 points over my dailies and have that coveted blue dot on my tracking calendar! Wahoo!

In all honesty it needed to be a good Sunday after our takeaway on Friday. I feel balance has been restored!

The weather is still awful though. So today’s pokemon hunting was done primarily in the car. We discovered a Galarian Weezing not too far from home and all six of us battled, beat, and caught it. Eldest got a 100% which made up for not getting any shiny pokemon yesterday. He couldn’t wait to WhatsApp his raiding buddies from school to show it off!

Tomorrow the car goes for it’s MOT but shopping needs to be done and library books need exchanging so we will have to venture out on foot regardless of the weather. We shall be hunting down another Tornadus Raise (how apt given the weather if late) to cheer us all up! (If its truly awful I guess I’ll go on my own and put the raid off… luckily we haven’t been as badly affected here as in other parts of the UK).

And we shall be cooking up another dish from PON!!!

Add me on Pokemon Go: 6195 0560 8588

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