Damn these storms!

So storm Ciara cleared off and now we have Storm Dennis here for the weekend instead. What’s with all these storms when I want to go out walking??

Valentine’s Day means event time on Pokemon Go. Along with a ton of pink pokemon and a handful of rares chucked in for good measure, we have a Lickitung Raid Day. Since the rain was pounding down and the wind was blowing a gale we went out in the car instead of on foot. We weren’t the only ones! We frequently found the same cars pulled over at the side of the road at various pokemon gyms around town, packed with people furiously tapping at phone screens!

It was a good day for most of my tribe. 2 shinys each for Hubby and 2 of the kiddos. One each for me and 1 kiddo. Eldest didn’t get any (sulking much?) We also caught a rare Alomomola! And we triggered our Meltan boxes too. Me and the eldest finally got enough to evolve. The other 3 kiddos are well on the way. Hubby opened his first box but also had a lucky egg running so it glitched and failed…. half an hour of grumpy pokemon trainer ensued. Never mind…. we can try again in a few days.

So while it was a cracking Pokemon hunting day it was rubbish for walking. This storm is set in for the next 2-3 days so hopefully I will get SOME walking done before the end of half term and my return to work on Friday.

I’ll share pics of the days best pokemon on insta!

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