Weigh in day!

Ok…. yesterday – before the Valentines day takeaway and chocolate – I was registering a 2lb loss. As if this morning it is only 1lb. But it is still a loss!!! And I am happy with that!!! Hubby lost 0.3lb and is miffed but again…. it’s a loss recorded the morning after the takeaway. I’m pretty confident that being good this coming week will make up for it and show a better loss next week.

Plus… we’ve had a great losses the first two weeks so I am fully expecting it to level out now. Any loss is a victory!

Tonight I cooked with the eldest kiddo again. We made Goulash from PON. Kid rating only 2.5 (3/4 finished, 1 that did finish didn’t love it) but as far as simple, warming, low point food goes it’s a winner. Only 4sp per person so we supplemented with 4sp per person of mash made with just potato, quark and seasoning. Between that, my 4sp breakfast and 0sp lunch I can (guilt free and within my points) have 3 chocolates from my valentines box and still roll over 2 without feeling hungry!

Happy Days!

Search for Goulash: https://pinchofnom.com/

In the UK? Use my invitation link below to sign up and we’ll both get a free month added to our plans. https://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/uk/checkout/iaf/?iaftoken=eb9d666b-9

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