And the results are in!

I am so impressed!!!

This is now 1st 9lb off for me and Hubby is just a tiny half pound off his first stone loss. And he got his 5% award!

I simply cannot believe how well Weight Watchers Blue Plan is working for us both. Yes…. not having the car this week (or the foreseeable future) has probably helped with the weight loss but even so…. 8lb between us in a week is incredible! And a joint loss of over 2 1/2 stone in a month…. I couldn’t have imagined for a second that it would work so well.

And would you believe I haven’t felt hungry. I haven’t craved masses of junk food. We still had that takeaway for Valentines day, I am still enjoying my Valentines chocolate and we are still having the odd little drinky too (gin for me, rum for him). Not much has changed apart from avoiding a “bit if a binge” when the day has been tough, and trying all these recipes from Pinch of Nom – which are soooo nice! No reason to live off kale and water because you want to lose weight.

Oooh…. I hope this continues! I am only a few pounds off my first mini target. I plan on smashing it by this time next week!

In the UK? Use my invitation link below to sign up and we’ll both get a free month added to our plans.

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