My legs ache!

Is there any wonder that my legs ache? My stumpy little legs have hauled that 14+ stone body around for 9hrs and 18mins this week. According to Fitbit anyway. And Fitbit doesn’t generally automatically log anything I do as “exercise”. So I am inclined to believe it and be aware that this record is in addition to the normal pottering about the house or at work.

There can be no doubt that the absence of my car has made a massive impact. As well as having to walk to work, I have to walk to shop. And it’s not so simple to carry home food for 6 people. While I got the majority of the shopping in yesterday I still had to go out again today for some of the bulkier – though thankfully lighter – things today. Boxes of cereal and the like.

Kiddo1 and Kiddo2 came too just so they could catch a few more pokemon and tackle another raid. With half the team MIA (too cold for the younger two who stayed home with Hubby) we didn’t take on anything major but we are that bit closer to challenging Giovanni again.

But the bonus of more Pokemon aside… the effect on me physically is very real. My legs ache now when ever I sit down. But somehow I seem to have more energy for some things. I took over cooking Sunday Dinner today for example. Even though I had trailed out to town and back in the bitter cold and wind (noticing the flood gates were closed along the quay again), I set about making dinner and the meat & veg was fully prepped before Hubby even realised what I was doing. I think he was pleased to get out of it this week!

I have also sorted out the kids lunches for school tomorrow, and ALL my lunches for the week (bento boxes are awesome!), AND planned the tea menu for the next 3 days. All ingredients bought and Weight Watchers Smart Points allocated.

Although I have to be honest and admit that I am not looking forward to walking to work for the next few days. I and hoping that Felix The Car will be back home and running smoothly sooner rather than later. I am sure I would feel different it if wasn’t winter. But it is…. and I have a great dislike for being cold and wet!

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