No more car

I looks like I will be earning many many fitpoints over the foreseeable. Poor Felix the car is beyond repair – or at least the repairs will cost more than the car is actually worth which is about the same thing.

The walk to work today was very very wet. The rain got in my boots and socks. My rain coat was as soggy on the inside as it was the outside. And I have been chilled to the bone all day. Major rethink for tomorrows wardrobe.

But despite the bad news and the bad weather I have continued to NOT stress eat! In fact… I have points left over. I can afford 2 chocolates, pointed them, and not actually had them yet 2 hours later! I will have them after posting this though…. dont want to under eat and have too many points left over. I genuinely think I have earned them with all the walking I’m doing.

I’ll try to be more cheery tomorrow. Today kind of sucks….

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