🎶 All I desire…. 🎶 That is the tune that has been lodged in my head all the way home. Not only is it pancake day and I find myself sitting with my kids as they stuff their faces with pancakes filled with nutella, but today is the day the Easter Eggs arrived at work (yes the irony of easter eggs on shrove tuesday is not lost on me). Temptation is at every turn. And my belly has been rumbling all afternoon.

Lovely Hubby has made PON Creamy Garlic Chicken again and even though mine was cold by the time I got home from work it was still very very tasty! Right now he is making pancakes with the Eldest. There was talk of diet friendly banana batter pancakes but as of this point in time I do not know if that is going to happen. I’m certainly not about to hassle him right now as it sounds like Gordon Ramsey has moved in… (I think Hubby is a little stressed by pancake day orders from the Kiddos)

Meantime…. this week I am wearing the NEXT SIZE DOWN trousers for work! And they are not tight. I’m thrilled! But I now also remember that I really needed to take the hem up coz I is short.

Keep your fingers crossed for my banana batter pancakes! I really fancy them! But I also dont want a divorce or a kitchen that’s burned to the ground 🤣 I’ll share a photo if I get them!

Creamy Garlic Chicken can be found at: https://pinchofnom.com/

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