Weigh In 30th Jan 2021

Weigh in day again. The weeks are flying by. January is all but over. The junk is all gone! And the diet is firmly back on track!

One year on

Speaking of time flying, it’s now been a whole year since Hubby suggested we lose some weight together. We have to admit that lockdown and homeschooling has kind of halted Hubby’s journey in it’s tracks a bit. And I can’t blame him for that. There are certainly advantages for me being out of the house all day as a keyworker, away from the snacks that the kids can eat with ease. And disadvantages for him as the parent/spouse who spends most time in the kitchen (munchie munchie too easy). In his place I know my weight would have increased (ballooned!), not decreased.

I owe a huge amount of my successful weight loss to my lovely hubby. As well as being the guy who suggested the whole thing, he has supported me every step of the way. He has cooked almost every day and stuck to the slimming recipes all the way through. He’s awesome!

Weigh In

So a year ago I was 16st 5lb. Today I am 10st 6.8lb. That’s 1.6lb down from last week, and a 5st 12.2lb difference from my start weight. Yes, I’m still a little heavier than I was at the start of last month (when I was 10st 3.6lb), but the scales are coming down again at a good rate. I am less than 7lb away from goal and even the food-fest that was Christmas hasn’t broken me!

Weigh In 30th Jan 2021

This week has seen me face a huge amount of stress. Everything that has happened over the last year is weighing heavy on me (excuse the pun) and while things aren’t as bad as they could be the stress and pressure is getting to me. My depression & anxiety medication isn’t working as well as I want it to. Stresses around work and money are taking their toll. Separation from my parents is crippling me with worry for them, and face it, sometimes you just want a cuddle from your mum and dad. I don’t care how old you are, I don’t think that feeling ever goes. A phone call or video chat just doesn’t cut it. I actually broke down in tears at work today over nothing. Just the sheer pressure of everything.

There is a big part of me that just wants to wallow in gin and chocolate. To say “stuff the diet” and indulge in some instant gratification. But I know that all that will result in is a disappointing weigh in, a hang over, and worse physical and mental health that I already have. All things that will make me feel even worse. So I’m behaving. Snuggling up with the Hubby, watching some crap telly, and trying to focus on the good instead of the bad. Even if only for an hour or so.

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