Team GO Rocket is celebrating

"Team GO Rocket is celebrating" is in it's last few hours, and tomorrow is Roselia Community Day - a fun week all round! Shame I'm working tomorrow, but I might manage to get a chunk done during my lunch break if I'm lucky. How have you got on with the limited time research? I'm happy... Continue Reading →

Sneasel Research Day

I forgot Sneasel Research Day was happening. Like I said in my last post, it's been a stressful time and you know... sometimes I forget things! So when I was lazing in my bed this morning, checking out the local spawns and feeding my buddy, I was surprised to have completed a task I knew... Continue Reading →

Weigh In 30th Jan 2021

Weigh in day again. The weeks are flying by. January is all but over. The junk is all gone! And the diet is firmly back on track! One year on Speaking of time flying, it's now been a whole year since Hubby suggested we lose some weight together. We have to admit that lockdown and... Continue Reading →

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