Sneasel Research Day

I forgot Sneasel Research Day was happening. Like I said in my last post, it’s been a stressful time and you know… sometimes I forget things! So when I was lazing in my bed this morning, checking out the local spawns and feeding my buddy, I was surprised to have completed a task I knew nothing about!

Fast Prep!

So a quick look up of LeekDuck for the tasks, and a glace at GamePur for the ideal moveset, and I was ready! Twitch stream running. Honestly I think this has been the easiest Research Day yet. By just after 10am I was DONE! But that’s not a bad thing – I still want to head out and get those bosses and shadow pokemon later today.

There has been the odd glitch… I mean, what was going on with this Aron?

  • Sneasle Research Day - Aron Glitch 1
  • Sneasel Research Day -- Aron Glitch 2

Sneasel Research Day Rewards

“A chance to catch a shiny sneasel”. Yup! I am the proud owner of 3 of these pretty pink pokemon this research day! I already had one evolved up to a Weavile, but I always want more shiny pokemon!

None of them are shundos but two are 3 stars and that’s good enough for me.

Shiny Sneaael from Sneasel Research Day! twitch as AsocialMermaid #pokemongo #pokemon #shinypokemon #shiny #sneasel #research

♬ Shiny – Disney Kids Band

But let’s face it… shiny pokemon are nice but what we all really want is that HUNDO! The elusive 100%, 4 star pokemon to power up and flex. Did I get one? Nope. I GOT TWO! Oh yes! And you just know I played right through all 20 stages just to make sure I had enough candy and star dust to power one sucker up as much as I can. I’ve unlocked that additional move. I’ve used those TMs to get the best attack combo. And I have blown all my stardust and candies on that bad girl!

Hundo Weavile!

Worth it!

Now…. wasn’t I going to head out and battle some grunts & leaders…..?

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